Hotels -- my experience is four-day booking at rates 8 to 10+ times the ordinary rate. No refunds. They just pocket your cash and resell the room. If I'm in the situation again, I'll at least reap a psychological salve by being a no-show rather than cancelling. Since they already have my money, they can't penalize me further. If anyone has an alternative suggestion, please share.

Airfare -- only hope is to take the loss up front by purchasing more expensive refundable tickets.

Game tickets -- guaranteed resale, but at a loss plus fees. OTOH, only category where you can buy late at a small break as elite-eight losers bail.

Would not purchase a package again. Once burned twice, twice shy. Just my experience.

If anyone has contrary views, please advise. Otherwise, I'll pass. Have no desire to attend another final four unless Zags are in it. San Antonio is on my bucket list, but probably not in early April.

Hope anyone has a more hopeful approach they'll share, on the board or by private message. Thanks!