The situation Young is facing reminds me of Adam Morrison. I have zero issues with players putting up 39 shots in a game if they hit them at the percentage that Young does. Also, in case anyone hasn't noticed, Young is averaging 9.6 assists per game.

So he took far fewer shots against Kansas, and OU won, which inevitably led to criticism of Young - that he shouldn't shoot so much.

What his critics failed to notice is that Young was face guarded all night by one of the nation's best perimeter defenders. When Steph Curry was face guarded at Davidson, he basically couldn't get up a shot. It's a defense that is designed to "take out" the other team's best player and force other players to beat you.

Young and OU didn't beat KU because he shot less. They did because Young punished them for putting too much defensive effort into stopping him because he could shoot 39 shots in a game and make them at a great percentage. If he couldn't KU wouldn't have face guarded him.

Some critics and analysts need to get a clue.