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Thread: Emergence of Rui Hachmura

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    When does Rui just put Rui on the back of his jersey?

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    Seems like every year i am hoping and praying that one guy returns 1 more season and doesnt go pro because a return to college would just mean total dominance. Last year it was Zach Collins-- didnt happen. The year before Sabonis--- didnt happen. This year it will be RUI. The potential for him in his junior year is just so great. You can see he is no longer hesitant and is really making the right and smart basketball plays. Not forcing anything like he had before, and showing he can be one of the better players not just in garbage time but against legit NCAA starters as well.

    His junior year he would be THE MAN. Along with Zach, Kispert, Josh, Clarke.. man... if Rui Returns i am saying final four. If both him and tillie return-- i will be dissapointed with anything less than a NC appearance.

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    For Diabate, it was nothing nearly that smooth – but it’s that kind of year. Portland’s lack of size all but forced him into the starting lineup early and he was overwhelmed in the PK80 tournament against teams like North Carolina. He responded last weekend with games of 13 and 15 points against San Diego and Santa Clara, but his hard work in 31 minutes Thursday produced just two points and five rebounds – and a lesson.

    “They crash the boards,” he said of the Zags. “If we’re going to think about beating Gonzaga, we’re going to have to work more on boxing out after the shot because they got too many offensive rebounds.”

    But to see a familiar face in the postgame handshake line some 5,000 miles from home might have been a little salve.

    A native of Mali, Diabate’s lived with his family in France and the Canary Islands, as well, and is sort of Portland’s answer to Ronny Turiaf – speaking five languages (Bambara, English, Spanish, French and Japanese) and being something of a social magnet.

    He and Hachimura were a year apart in high school – Rui winning three straight Japan high school championships with Meisei in the Tohoku region, Diabate averaging 31 points a game – and 101 in one – for Teikyo Nagaoka in the Niigata prefecture maybe three hours away. They played against each other a couple of times before Hachimura left for GU – and Diabate said his game hasn’t changed much.

    “I wasn’t surprised to see him out there driving and pump faking and doing all his stuff,” Diabate said. “But he’s built a better body. He’s gotten stronger.”

    Not to downplay Rui's skills or anything as I honestly think he's made tremendous strides this season, but I couldn't help but chuckle a bit at Diabate's "his game hasn't changed much, wasn't surprised here" statements in contrast to the usual comments I see about him. Then again, he's faced Rui multiple times in high school so he was obviously familiar with him even before he became a Zag.

    I think we now have a secret weapon to stopping Rui.

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