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Thread: Season XVIII of WCC Pick ‘Em

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    Default Season XVIII of WCC Pick ‘Em

    Now in its 18th season of fun for the WCC faithful!

    Ready to represent your prognostication skills? For those of you that have never heard of our little enterprise, here’s the scoop: You start with $1000 FAKE dollars. I post the spreads. You make your picks. We crown a champion at the end of the WCC season. The reward? The adulation and respect from your fellow WCC Pickers. Plus a virtual trophy known as the Roundball Cup. See if you can knock off last year’s winner, MC Hammer.

    That is the simple version. You can find the longer version over at We love to have all ten WCC teams represented, so hop on over and “sign up”. First come, first served, but previous players will have preference: I have to limit the field to preserve my sanity. You can even form your own little team like our Portland collective known as Pilot’s Eleven (P11 for short). The WCC season kicks off with a full slate of games on Thursday, December 28th.

    Good luck!

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    You hadda remind me? Ugh.

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