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Thread: ZAGS -UNLV Keep Rice on floor in 2nd half, feed it to her inside, then ZAGS will win

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    Default ZAGS -UNLV Keep Rice on floor in 2nd half, feed it to her inside, then ZAGS will win

    22-22 1st half. Took Rice off the floor and everyone just throwing the ball outside no inside presence. Forget how many fouls Rice has keep her on the floor and build a large lead. Zags can't make 3s, must get ball inside to Rice. UNLV had open shots from 3 point range all day. We are not playing great defense either, UNLV just shooting horrible.

    ZAGS need offense. CLF ride Rice to victory, give her the minutes she can handle it no problem.

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    33-32 UNLV 3rd quarter. keeping Rice on top of key inside of down low not smart. Two straight sloppy ZAG turnovers

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    Jenn Wirth playing weak as usual easy layup no elevation. Rice still playing on top of key JW who is weak underneath playing low. Stockton non factor no offense.

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    Townsend 3 at buzzer.

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    37-34 UNLV end of 3rd quarter. ZAGS gave up two wide open 3s, no defense, especially LS. Need to play Rice down low, CLF losing this game so far. We need more offense weapons, would take LS out of game, looks like broken nose really bothering her.

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    42-37 UNLV. Rice taking long outside shots not under basket don't understand why.

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    LS dribbles slow up court all day no rush no driving. We are not pushing ball up floor. Another wide open 3 UNLV 45-37.

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    No defense what so ever we need to get JL pushing ball up court quick, LS needs to go to bench she is not bringing nothing to game. UNLV team not even guarding Stockton. Put JL in game take LS out please.
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    LS still on floor looks bad.

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    UNLV 3 point play on foul 48-41 UNLV. LS playing sloppy almost turned ball over.

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    Miss another 3 now 3-16 ZAGS. JL still on bench.

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    JL on floor made layup

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    May be to late for ZAGS less than 5 minutes left. Have to play fast. 48-43 UNLV>

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    Wow we are playing so slow no defense pressure.

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    Smith misses easy lay up but going to free throw line. Makes one of two.

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    48-46 UNLV, ZAGS trying to come back, crowd waking up.

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    Townsend going to free throw line. Missed first. UNLV in foul trouble. Tie 48-48.

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    Townsend lead ZAGS 50-48 Townsend reverse layup. Two minutes left in game.

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    Dumb play 3 second on ZAGS basket waived off. JL made basket. Ouch that was painful could have been the game changer. 50-48 still.

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    1:18 left to play refs reviewing who gets ball this could be critical. 1:16 left in game.

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    Horrible pass turnover by Chandler. Foul on ZAGS. ZAGS trying to give game to UNLV.

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    Zags give up another bucket ZAGS choked. UNLV lead 52-50 shot their self in foot over and over down stretch looks like loss right now. 8 seconds left, refs not going to call fouls. Does not look good, ZAGS ball time out.

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    ZAGS should have won this game easily. ZAGS lost unbelievable Stockton shot a 3 and missed as always not close as always. Blame CLF for this stupid lost. Not a great game by a single ZAGS player and pure bad coaching by ZAGS coaches. Merry Christmas UNLV they win 52-50.

    Laura Stockton should not be getting many minutes. If JL would have been on court more she could have done some quick layups or pull up jumpers.

    Stat of the game Stockton shoots two 3 and barely touched rim on both. Scary how bad this team is without Jill Barta.

    Stockton seems much slower this year, this was even before her injuries. Now with her injuries it seems her only role is dribbling the ball up court at a snails pace, to make sure the opposing defense is comfortably in place.

    Only two that can make 3s on this team is Barta and Chandler, otherwise just seems like wasted shot.

    UNLV is a really bad team and we were worse.

    Better enjoy last two years of Jill Barta folks. All right having said all that, Barta seemed in good spirits sitting on bench. If CLF gets her act together it should be hard to lose to our next two opponents.

    Again this lost rest solely on CLF shoulders. I would start Townsend over Jenn Wirth and give up the height. Townsend is by far the superior player and needs to get the most minutes by far of the new players.

    Townsend played good this game and with Smith two 3 pointers kept us in the game in the 2nd half. Rice took all kind of jumpers and played away from basket in 2nd half which is why my teeth probably hurt from grinding them the entire 2nd half.

    Remember when Barta could not crack the lineup as a freshman although she was by far the best player on our team, until a injury got her in the starting lineup. Well Townsend did not red shirt like Barta, but she is good, lightyears better than the Wirth sisters.

    Townsend earned the start for the next game, go Townsie!!!!!

    Would definitely rest Barta next two games, and hope she is ready for conference play. Would not risk her getting re-injured by bringing her back early.

    On a good humor note Barta was had a cowgirl boot on her good foot with her walking boot. Got to love our mid-west country gals.

    Another positive note must give Laura Stockton kudos, for having a big heart and playing threw her injuries. Don't blame LS for nothing, its CLF job to get most out of all players she did a much better job last game, when she brought LS off the bench in the beginning of the last game when JL was turning the ball over like crazy. LS stabilized things, JL calmed down on the bench and when JL was put back in the game for LS she played great.

    Go Lady ZAGS keep those chins up.

    P.S. Be careful Zags fans roads extremely icy. Jill Barta stay off the ice, have some one escort you we need you back healthy for season play.
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    C-Smith played a great game.
    After Rice had two great games we should have had her touch the ball almost every set.
    Doesn't seem like we have much of a zone offense, although good shooting is what usually beats a zone.
    Good shooting covers up a lot of ills, not enough good shooters on the team. Did anyone practice their shooting during the off season.

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    Jenn Wirth 17 Minutes=0 Points, LeeAnne Wirth 22 minutes=0 points

    Yes CS had 8 rebounds seemed like had 6 in the first quarter. CS had 17 points in game 6-14 shooting.

    No ZAG had more than 2 assists in game.

    Maybe I'm spoiled by Barta but still stand by that no ZAG played a great game this game, took over the game.

    Believe we can get a bump from Townsend and Loera if CLF utilizes them better in next two games.

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