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Thread: Score update CSU-GU

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    Just need to get our inside game going have to have that scoring threat. Also we have to get to banging the boards. Barta and Stockton needs to get Jenn Wirth involved in the game, that will take scoring pressure off both of them especially when JB is double teamed. Stockton needs to be more of a facilitator. We have two 6'3" girls in Jenn an LeeAnne we need to get them to pound the boards and we need Townsend to play Physical ball.

    If we live solely on the 3 ball we will have as many loses as wins. 0-1 now.
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    Here's my two cents: Saw a confident team hit the floor running.... feeding the big Posts (Barta and Zee) early... they missed a few bunnies but established there presence, and on an in and out play, Chandler drained her first 3. Minutes later, Barta trailing, drained her first 3 .... and a sizeable lead was established. Then some weaving.... with a couple of lay-ups for the guards...... but all of a sudden, the offensive sets forgot about pounding the post.... and the game was closed by CSU as they gained from their first qtr's jitters....... I watched WCC men's game...but kept a close eye on the score ..... and couldn't believe the poor 3 quarter showing. Chalk this one up to "coaching material... keeping the first half tape...showing the good and bad......but burn the second half and move on. I'm counting on a more aggressive game from the Zag's when they visit here in Montana!

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