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Thread: BYU in trouble with Mr Emery?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPtheBeasta View Post
    It seems to me you have no love lost for the fan base but have no ill wishes for Emery.
    Well, I didn't know about the "free car" stuff when I mentioned what I did. I was going off the divorce (possible adultery) and figured it was an Honor Code thing, solely. Thus, in that situation, of course I want a good outcome for him personally.

    If he knowingly got a free car against NCAA rules (but within the HC as it's called? Did Rose know? How could he not?), well then he should pay a bigger price.

    But, my problem wasn't even with the fan base, which is insufferable, but - fans, not a big deal. My issue with them is they think every loss is rooted in poor officiating, and that it's because the officials are anti-LDS. Tired, but not a reason to really get down on them.

    The team play, the sheer violence each game descends into, which must be at Rose's direction, is unacceptable in my eyes, and dangerous to our team. I am NOT blaming our home loses on the dirty play. They beat us, we threw up all over ourselves.

    Last year's Loyola game was an outrage, but that's either equal to, or minor compared to what we normally face from BYU. It's handed down year to year, a culture. I don't like it.

    Too bad bc I used to have real respect for Rose. His work on behalf of cancer victims after he recovered from his was laudable, and he seemed personable, humble, and honorable. Now having seen the play at the games, from close proximity, the sheer volume of holds, elbows. tripping, it's overwhelming and would require a whistle every 30 seconds to really police it.
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzdelmar View Post
    C’mon Dix, that’s a bit rough. Good luck to the Emery family.
    Although the Church owns KSL, I have to agree with Patrick Kinahan that no one is a winner in this situation....Any Lone Peak arrogance that may have been there probably isn't any more....

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