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    This post is for March Madness seeding purposes only.

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    Jud Heathcoat was a passionate fan of the sport. I remember him coaching (IIRC, West Valley) in the old Spokane Coliseum. Long before coaches boxes, Jud would stalk the entire floor until the league made a rule change to restrict him. His demonstrative nature was counterpoint to LC's Squinty Hunter's Wooden-like calm. I hated watching Jud coach against G Prep, but respected his gamesmanship, and loved following his career. Will always regret that the Big Ten's delay setting their conference schedule forced cancellation of a preseason tournament honoring Jud and featuring three schools he coached -- WSU, Montana and Michigan State -- and hosted by Gonzaga, whom he cheered in retirement while sharing lessons with Coach Few. He was tough on his staff, the refs and his players, but he loved them all as he loved the game. A true Runyonesque character, he will be missed by all basketball fans and remembered in Spokane as a favorite son. Thanks for the memories, Jud, and bend the Big Guy's ear when the Zags most need a break, a bounce or a call.

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