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Thread: GU Athletics Announces Steve DeLong Endowment

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    Post GU Athletics Announces Steve DeLong Endowment

    GU Athletics Announces Steve DeLong Endowment

    Endowment created to support student athlete health and well-being

    Aug. 10, 2017

    SPOKANE, Wash. — The Gonzaga University Board of Trustees approved a resolution in July to create the Steve DeLong Student-Athlete Health and Well-Being Endowment.

    The endowment was named after Steve DeLong, who recently retired after 39 years as the Bulldogs’ Head Athletic Trainer. The creation of the endowment provides an opportunity to recognize his service and support Gonzaga student-athletes’ nutritional needs, including supplemental nutrition (i.e., snacks, smoothies, approved supplements), pre- and post-game meals, and meals incidental to participation (i.e. pre and post-practice meals).

    “We are pleased to announce this endowment for continued growth in the area of student-athlete health and well-being, and also be able to honor Steve DeLong, who gave nearly four decades of his career in service of student-athletes,” Gonzaga Director of Athletics Mike Roth said. “Steve’s work here perfectly reflects the mission of this endowment, which is to support and enhance the experience that our student-athletes have at Gonzaga. In this case it happens to be improved nutrition programming, which will have a positive effect on our student-athletes in perpetuity.”

    During his time at Gonzaga, DeLong oversaw the treatment and injury prevention methods of more than 300 student-athletes each year, and assembled a top-flight corps of professionals to provide expertise in the fields of orthopedic and chiropractic care and prevention, as well as nutritional, dental and optical consultation.

    The funding for the endowment came from a special one-time NCAA Division I distribution announced in 2016 when the NCAA liquidated a $200 million quasi endowment. The funds, which were disbursed in spring 2017, were distributed based on the number of full athletics scholarships of each school. According to the NCAA, the distribution is intended to help Division I schools provide greater support to student-athletes in the areas of academic success, life skills, career success, health and safety and student-athlete focused diversity and inclusion initiatives. Schools were given discretion in using funds among these areas.

    Each school was required to submit a plan for the use of funds to be reviewed and approved by the NCAA national office. Follow these links for more information on the NCAA’s announcement of the distribution and Q&A about the use of funds.

    Gonzaga Article Link

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    Thanks Terp.

    Steve is a terrific individual. Kudos.

    This ain't rocket surgery!

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