I've been a part of this forum (Gonzaga men's basketball( for a long time and here are a few ideas that I think make this a really good place to discuss GU men's basketball. Usually someone posts a topic that I call a thread (I think other's call it an op). For example, a thread topic might be GU vs St Mary's predictions and game analyses. That should be the topic that fans who post here talk about. They can give a prediction and say something about the game. IMO fans that post here should stick to the topic, and NOT begin to post things about other topics, period. If you want to post something about the Seahawks, or the Lakers, or even the girl's basketball program at GU there are other forums for you to post your ideas about those ideas. If you want to post your thoughts about players who have graduated there is a place for that too. I think it's called Old Timers or something like that. To find those OTHER forums just click on Basketball Discussion at the top of this page.

Recently there was a really good thread on Fiba that went totally ballistic because a few posters wanted to start talking about rookies playing for NBA teams this summer. And there may have been other posts on other topics. I was very interested in the U-19 Fiba tournament because two of our players (Hachimura and Tillie) were playing in it (Tillie for France and Hachimura for Japan). It began as a very good thread, and stayed that way for a few days, and there were some really good conversations about Rui and Tillie. And then suddenly it changed and people began to post about other things and in particular the rookie NBA league. And suddenly there wasn't even any more discussion about the FIBA tournament or about Hatchimura and Tillie.

The other thing that could be discussed here the the idea of what to post after you decide to contribute to the discussion at hand. There are various opinions about this, and mine is that it is good to have diverse ideas in a thread. And it's this diversity in opinions that I believe make a really good thread. With this being said, I think that a person can go overboard in his or her negative criticism. I've done it at times myself and I imagine most of us have. One suggestion that has helped me over the years is to first read what I've typed before hitting the ENTER key. The second, and i feel this is a really good idea, is that we need to remember that these are young kids and they have families and friends who read what's said here on GUBoards. One thing I ask myself is how would I want others to criticize my son or daughter or grandkids. The last thing I'll share about this is that when the Zags loose I do not post anything. I let myself cool off and when I do say something it the next day or two in comes out with a lot more sensitivity.

I really like participating on this forum. Sometimes I feel things get a little out of hand and threads get derailed by posters who are just too darn lazy to go to another forum to talk about other things other than GU basketball, or just start a new thread if you want to talk about something else. And finally, let's try to keep this forum as a positive place to come to talk about GU men's basketball.

Go Zags!!!