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Thread: PK 80 - One Last Shot

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    Default PK 80 - One Last Shot

    My prior posts regarding the PK 80 event in Portland this fall have drawn exactly - zero - responses. I have my tickets, so I guess I don't care, but .......
    If you are interested in seeing what may be the best accumulation of BB talent in the history of college basketball, I recommend you don't wait much longer. Some of the participating schools (UP) are teasing their season ticket holders with the event, but so far as I know the only way to actually get tickets (unless you are elite school contributors) is to get out and buy them now.
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    I bought them, but thought it was silly that I had to buy tickets to games that will be playing at the exact same time in another building. I will be forced to do a lot of ticket selling once I get my tickets and can see what the schedule will look like.
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    Default Hotels for PK80

    I have tickets to PK80, but I have n Idea what hotel to stay at. I know prices will go up for Thanksgiving, so If anyone has suggestions I would appreciate it.

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    The Benson is cool...kinda like the Davenport...

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