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Thread: 2018 Boise tournament

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    Default 2018 Boise tournament

    Anyone have a link to buy tickets for NCAA tournament tickets in Boise for next year? I can't seem to find one on my own.
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    The good old Taco Bell Arena.

    What's funny is that from a distance it actually looks like a big Taco Bell restaurant!

    Do they actually sell Taco Bell food in the arena??

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    The trick is to find a way to be able to buy tickets directly from the NCAA. I suggest you put your name anywhere and everywhere on the following site

    I am on a number of pre-sale lists, but all of them seem to lead back to either Ticketmaster or a local alternative, which means that while I get the chance to buy tickets before anybody else, the face price of tickets is inflated by 50 percent or more with service fees, etc.

    The NCAA site will - if you are very lucky - give you the right to buy actual tickets at face price with no surcharges from the NCAA.

    But don't hold your breath, and Good luck.
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