Man.. I did shed a tear or two myself at the end.

Seems like a great kid.. a great leader.. and a player who is playing for a purpose come this March. I wouldnt want anyone else leading the way. Nice to see that Few drops some explitives and fires up the boys as well.

Loved the ending. Made me cry a bit to see the admiration he has for Ammo. So many people outside of Gonzaga remember Ammo for the tears, the heartbreak. The ending was refreshing because it signifies the empathy I felt for Ammo, but also man... the gratitude. Some great memories that he gave us...

In the same vein, THANK YOU NWG. You are a winner, a class act, and i have faith that you and the boys more than any team before are focused on getting over that hump. You realize how big of a deal it is, but i think you are mature enough to handle that with poise.

Lets go Zags!!