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    Quote Originally Posted by kitzbuel View Post
    Rui has a whole other gear that no one anticipates. He exploded with no warning.

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    Rui doing his Elgin Baylor impression. A damn good one, too!

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    Any way to find out if Karno got an assist on the play when he put the ball high up on the glass on his way out of bounds and the trailer ( forget who it was) scored?

    He should. I watched the replay very closely and it was clear to me that he did exactly what he wanted to do. He definitely wasn't shooting. He anticipated a trailer and put the ball up there so the trailer could have a shot at scoring. Should say he anticipated a trailer not knowing there would be one or not. He sure couldn't see if there was one.

    A very fine play, regardless!

    Edit; Spokesman photo show Mathews with the follow up basket, says he followed Karno's missed shot. I don't think so.
    I think Karno knew exactly what he was doing laying it off the glass. ASSIST!
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    He was not credited with an assist on that play.
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