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Thread: 2 seed, latest joe, S16 vs UVa

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    Default 2 seed, latest joe, S16 vs UVa

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    It's a big deal Jazz. SO is the data provided. It'll be the same as a few years ago when we were no 1 in rankings and had a no 1 seed later ne. I don't know of anyone of the scribes who didn't criticize both.
    And, worse! proved em right with the Wichita St loss.
    Although we have the requisite numbers in terms of W-L, most of the Easterners still think our basketball out West is undeserving. It gets worse when they consider the "unthinkable" OMG!!! Spokane!

    SO we play hard and wait for "it". No matter, we win the games, don't listen to the garbage and move on till we don't. It's already a great season for this lil engine that could/might. One thing though, throughout all the criticism, we are still a threat to beat anyone .THEY don't like that.
    SO let's all rejoice in this unexpected wonderful season.
    I mean seriously, this is WILD !!
    Moving to the 2 line with Joey is a big deal. And we'll be there with more victories......maybe move to the 1 as the losses for other teams pile up.
    Get braced!

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