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Thread: OT -- Rest in Peace Rick Hill (aka Hobus' dad)

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    Default OT -- Rest in Peace Rick Hill (aka Hobus' dad)

    This will most likely end up in "Gonzaga University Talk" but it's my belief that it deserves it's start here on the main board.

    We hear a great deal about the "Gonzaga Family" ... and the basketball "family" includes people who's names aren't recognized by the general public yet they are as much a part of the fabric of "who we are" as the guys even the casual fan knows about.

    One such individual is Aaron Hill (aka "Hobus" to his Gonzaga Family). Aaron (now an Assistant Professor at Oklahoma State after leaving Gonzaga) is from a basketball family. His brother Andy coaches at Utah. The Hill family lost their patriarch a few days ago. Rick Hill's life (and passing) had a profound affect on the "Utes", who've been wearing his initials as part of their uniform this season. Below is an article from the Salt Lake City Tribune.

    Hobus ... please know that you and your family are in the thoughts and prayers of countless Zags.

    "To be continued ....."
    Father Tony Lehman, SJ

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    Thank you for posting.

    What an amazing tribute from the Utah Utes.

    Rest in Peace Rick Hill.

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    Rick was my basketball coach at Kellogg High back in 1974-75. I knew his wife's family all my life. Great guy that dedicated his life to coaching kids. My prayers are with his family. RIP Rick

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    I follow the Utes and know what an impact the Hill family has had on their program. I appreciate seeing this posted here.

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    Hi All -
    This is well late, but I was made aware of this post and wanted to express my sincerest thank you for the nice notes about my dad, Rick. Not a day goes I don't think about him and the lessons he taught me. Like all of us when we lose someone we love, it is great to hear positive stories. Here it is 3 and a half years later and this brought a nice memory to my heart and also reminded me how great the Gonzaga family is. Thank you all!

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