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Thread: The Profanity Wolf Pack is being killed

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    Default The Profanity Wolf Pack is being killed

    All of them. I don't intend for this to be political and I will not argue the pros and cons.

    I you feel as I do and you are so inclined, I would encourage you to contact your public and elected officials to express your opinion about this.

    The pack has apparently killed some cattle that were grazing on the Colville National Forest ....under a permit I would assume.

    Now those are our wolves and our land and I am outraged that they are being killed to protect cattle ranging on public land.

    The Forest Service's own research has shown that livestock has degraded riparian areas, polluted water, harmed fisheries and introduced diseases that the wildlife has little resistance short, least I..... would prefer we protect the wolves and remove the cattle.

    Obviously others may have a different opinion.

    I will add that my family ranged both cattle and sheep on public land for generations and were (in part) responsible for a winning lawsuit by the Colville Tribe against the Feds for damage caused by overgrazing .

    I would have posted this in the Crosby, but the Crosby is no more if this is inappropriate, I will delete it or the mods will.
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    Hope WDFW is using sharpshooters.
    "The best players will play. That's the way it will always be." Larry Bird

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    Smoke a pack a day........why did they not start a pack in the middle of the Olympics????? Plenty of room, plenty of Roosevelt elk......sit in the Puget Sound, and sip your wine and eat your cheese and talk about how great you are for inserting wolves into eastern Washington .....

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