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Thread: OT - UConn votes to re-join the Big East

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    Default OT - UConn votes to re-join the Big East

    It has been talked about for a couple of weeks, but today the UConn Board of Trustees has voted to leave the American Athletic Conference (AAC) and the Big East conference has formally welcomed UConn back to the conference. It is expected that UConn will be a member in the Big East in sports except football, because the current Big East teams do not play football. There has been no word on where UConn will play football. UConn will begin playing in the Big East starting in the 2020-2021 season.

    The AAC conference bylaws require UConn to pay a $10 million withdrawal fee and give a minimum of 27 months notice.

    Despite winning a spot in the Fiesta Bowl in 2010 as a member of the Big East, since joining the AAC, UConn football has gone a dismal 28-69. The UConn's Mbb team won 4 NCAA National championships between 1999 - 2014. However, the UConn's Mbb reportedly had their lowest attendance in 30 years in the 2017-2018 season. The UConn Wbb team has gone 102-0 in conference games and 18-0 in conference games since joining the AAC. UConn was much less successful in the former Big East, but that was back when ND, Louisville, Syracuse Rutgers & Pittsburgh were members of the Big East. Now that those teams have taken their talents elsewhere, the Big East is no where near what it was back in 2013, but it is a step up from the AAC.

    In January, UConn reported a more than $40 million gap in its athletic department budget after the football program lost $8.7 million, men's basketball $5 million and women's basketball more than $3 million in 2018.

    This probably a good move by UConn because it will significantly reduce transportation costs for all sports played against Big East teams. Despite the continuing success of UConn Wbb, their recruiting has taken a significant hit since they have left the Big East conference. Since the Big East is seen as usually seen as a 6th power conference in basketball, UConn will once again be front and center in the NE and Mid-Atlantic corridor in the recruiting wars.

    You will still see UConn at or near the top of the Wbb basketball pyramid and they will be on TV as much or more than they currently are. With UConn moving to the Big East, they will likely take away one of the current Big East spots in the NCAA tournament.





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    I think other than football (which was going nowhere anyway), this is a good move for UConn athletics. Men's hoops has been languishing. Women's hoops has maintained their status as a national power but their conference games have been an absolute joke the entire time they've been in the AAC. Big East women's hoops isn't as strong as men's hoops but it's definitely a step up.

    Geno has missed on some of his recruiting targets but they've still been overflowing w/ talent the entire time they were in the AAC, including several players ranked #1 in their class.

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    Please move to general basketball board. Thank You

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