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    The Utah Utes just beat Montana State 95-61. Utah has bigs Potter 6"6, Fatuesi 6'4 and they pounded the boards in this game they had 18 rebounds between them.

    Utah made 14 three pointers in this game, Kuklok made 6 out of 10 three point shots.

    Utah shot high field goal percentage. Crozon 8 for 13, Potter 6 for 9, Kulok 6 for 11. Utah has a deep roster 10 players played 12 minutes or more in this past game.

    Our guards must continue to penetrate to the basket. We again need multiple scorers to step up (3 double figures). We need to continue being aggressive taking the open shot and crashing the boards for offensive rebounds. Make those 3 pointers.

    Defense every one needs to crash the boards, we need to be like gnats to Potter and Fatuesi their bigs. Shelby Cheslek, Jill Barta, Kiara Kudron we need you to block out their bigs on the defensive end, and battle for rebounds of the offensive end.

    Georgia Stirton, Emma Stach, Laura Stockton we need for you to be the play makers just like last game.

    Zhane Templeton and Zykera Rice keep things popping, we know you have a world of talent between you. Chelsea Waters be our rock.

    WARM FUZZIES Jill Barta makes her first two free throws, Emma Stach and Georgia Stirton each have 2 three pointers or more. Kiara Kudron and Zykera Rice have 16 points between them. We out rebound our opponents by 15. We have 8 fast break points. We have 12 steals. Less than 12 total turnovers. Zykera Rice plays 15 minutes.

    Ladies ZAGS the Utes score lots of points scored 90 points multiple games. This mean we must not sit on the ball but score at will. The more aggressive team will win. We must come out fast out of the gate, and just like last game never let up. We cannot be passive or it will be over. Ladies bring 100% just like last game, this is the real you!!!!

    Nerves of steel Ladies lets get down to business Monday (ONE GAME AT A TIME).

    Shaniqua Niles, Elle Tinkle, Emma Wolfram you lift us up!!!!! We are with all of you LADY ZAGS.


    **** Note saw on Shaniqua Niles twitter that she has a sore neck, stiff jaw, and bump on head but doing ok.
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    Shelby and Co. has faced bigs before...there was that 6'8 girl IIRC from Miami several years ago...and there was that Jennifer Hampson at BYU....Shelby usually does a good job with these challenges....

    It'll be a good challenge for the team....we have three point shooters too....we have rebounders...we have people that can make free throws...and our bench has become very deep.....

    I'm hoping we have the crowd....

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    they have 7 players over 6ft.....they've had many games where they've scored into the 80's but a lot of games far less.....they have lost 14 the likes of BYU, Stanford, Wash, OSU and Oregon...

    its will be a great test to whether we are in the right direction with this team........

    keep our shooters shooting....cut down on the turnovers.....make most of our free throws....and btw, get THEM in foul trouble early... grab rebounds....

    we're going have to keep the pace up....

    you know those errant passes that were turnovers last night were not just the fault of the passer....the girls have got to keep their heads up and know when a player is trapped...I hope they do that on Monday...

    and I hope Zyk gets more than 10 minutes...

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    Utah seems to play up to or down to the level of their opponent. Most of their best wins have come at home. When playing away games, they have not been near as efficient.

    The highlights from the MSU game show Utah getting easily lay-ins from a wide open key and hitting open, uncontested 3's. The highlights show a very porous defense by MSU. By the looks of it, our girls may be more athletic than Utah but we do give away some height. Utah did not dominate the boards as would be expected given their significant height advantage over MSU.

    We have beaten or have played very closely many of the same teams that Utah has lost to. Utah, with their personnel does not scare me. If the girls play their game, play good defense and shoot at least 45% overall and 75% from the free throw line, we should win.

    However, if we have another game where we shoot 30-35% overall and less than 30% from the 3-point line, MSU could beat us let alone Utah. Thankfully, the game is in the kennel and we usually play much better there.

    Besides there is an added incentive to win. If we win we will face either our ex coach, Kelly Graves or the team that put us out of the WCC tournament, Santa Clara. In either case, I bet the team would love the opportunity to beat either of these opponents particularly since we could beat either of them.

    Let's get Utah on Monday Ladies,


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