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Thread: WCC Tournament Championship: USF Upsets BYU

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    Post WCC Tournament Championship: USF Upsets BYU

    In the WCC Tournament Championship game, San Francisco defeats BYU 70-68...

    USF goes on a 6-0 run to close out the game...

    USF vs. BYU Game Stats

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    Congratulations USF.

    Fabulous finish to the regular season. Have fun in the big dance.

    This might help GU with their hopes for a WNIT bid.

    Keeping our fingers crossed.


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    sorry but I just do not like the byu this upset makes me very happy.....I did not go to watch it....I thought about but I kept seeing the score in the first half and I really didn't want to see another creaming by byu.....but, SF held together....

    congratulations to them.........really think our team had the talent, but not the composure.....

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    Congratulations to USF. A perfect example of a team peaking together at the right time. I believe we are very talented, but with the two injuries on the bench we just lacked too much this year. With hard work and desire during the summer these ladies have tremendous growth ability. The team is young and has nowhere to go but up. I believe that we did see growth this season in most of the ladies. I Am already getting anxious for next season.

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