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Thread: Did not see this posted anywhere.

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    Default Did not see this posted anywhere.

    Always proud of what Few has done for us.

    Few will get into the hall of fame

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    Izzo - YES
    Self, Ryan, Huggins - Maybe
    The Millers - It could happen but not yet
    Way too soon to think Greg Marshall will be there although the foundation is certainly there

    There may be an opening after Patino gets booted

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    How in the world is Izzo not in the Hall of Fame already? His win total is quite a bit lower than I would've guessed, but the 7 Final 4's and 1 Title are impressive, especially considering most of the time he didn't have a stable full of blue chip players like Duke, Kentucky, UNC, Kansas, etc.

    Agree some of those are jumping the gun. Archie Miller being on this list is ridiculous. He might be a great coach, but get back to me in 10 years. Not even 100 coaching victories yet.

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