Anyone know how this Blanchet junior to be, did at the Camp? I know he worked out with the team and had a workout with one of the players with Brian M watching.

I've known Keegan since 6th grade and he is currently coached in the AAU circuit by Eroll Knight and the A+ team. Eroll does an amazing job with his kids, btw.

Anyway, Keegan is a 6'5" SF that is very athletic and has been rising in the state rankings this summer with very solid play. Super athletic kid that defends very well. Has an average jumper and is a way above average passer. Works his tail off but had the unfortunate luck of having to play with Sam Cunliffe and his me first attitude all last year.

If he can improve his ball handling, he could be a sleeper in that class. He reminds me a bit of KD.