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Thread: Jordan Morgan update and Foundation info

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    Default Jordan Morgan update and Foundation info

    Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to give an update to those who liked following Jordan when he played at Michigan. He is playing pro ball in serie A in Europe, his team is Virtus Roma, and he is doing well. He expects to be playing Summer League ball back in the states this year and will enter the draft.

    Besides basketball, Jordan has been keeping up with his philanthropy and has founded a non-profit organization to help underprivileged kids in Michigan. It's called the Jordan Morgan Foundation. I'm extremely proud of his accomplishments on the court, but more so those he has done off court. Please check out his website!

    From the site:

    Jordanís Mission

    Spending my early childhood in a single-parent, low-income home, I am extremely fortunate to be in the position I am in today. My mother is my greatest model for hard work. She willed her way to buying our first home 3 years after we spent time living in a homeless shelter. Additionally, she attained her Associateís, Bachelorís, and Masterís degrees while excelling in her full-time job as a public safety supervisor. My father, who married my mother when I was 9 and adopted me when I was 13, continues to teach me many valuable lessons in life. Being an engineer himself, he had a heavy influence on the way I came to view the world. I would be nowhere near the man I am today without my parents and their strong examples of hard work and education.

    I have a deep love for the State of Michigan and especially my hometown of Detroit, where I developed my passion for basketball. My mother was approached by a stranger who noticed a tall, goofy kid in the local rec league and she decided to heed his advice and take me to my first AAU practice. From there I learned the fundamentals of the game and developed appreciation for diligence. After playing 6 years at the University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy, I earned a scholarship to play at the University of Michigan. During my collegiate career, I reached four NCAA tournaments, won two Big Ten Championships, played in the Final Four and National Championship Game, and was named to the Big Ten All-Defensive team in 2013. I also earned a Bachelorís Degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering and a Masterís Degree in Manufacturing Engineering along with a certificate in Entrepreneurship and a certificate in Lean Manufacturing. Finally, I received recognition for my community service efforts by being selected to the 2014 Allstate Good Works Team.

    Considering my initial circumstances, I know in my heart that there is no limit to what one can accomplish in this world. Had someone seen me as young boy in that homeless shelter, they would have never imagined I would one day play basketball in front of 80,000 people and earn two degrees. I believe the platform I have through sport obligates me to positively impact the next generation of young men and women. My hope is that through this foundation, myself and others will provide education, support and encouragement to todayís youth so that each individual has the opportunity to overcome any circumstance.

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    Great Mission Statement Auntie Lynette & thanks for the update.
    This post is for March Madness seeding purposes only.

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    You should be very proud of this fine young man.

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