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    Default Great BR profile on Few

    SPOKANE, Wash. — Tipoff is just more than two hours away, but Mark Few's black Cadillac Escalade still sits in the driveway of his cabin-style home.
    The Gonzaga coach's midnight-blue blazer hangs in a bedroom closet above his dress shoes, and, in the kitchen, Few's mother-in-law cooks turkey soup. His wife and four children play games and watch TV in the den. Few will join them shortly.
    But right now he's outside with Stella.
    For nearly three miles through a mountain bike trail in the forest, college basketball's active leader in winning percentage jogs with his German shepherd. Much like the towering pine trees that stretch beyond his vision, Few's thoughts have no boundaries.
    A lot of the same narrative re: fly fishing, etc but some great quotes from few and the players and great photos (supplied by Marcy)

    Bleacher Report... Who woulda thought?
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