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Thread: Apparently we weren't the only ones looking ahead to Saturday

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    Default Apparently we weren't the only ones looking ahead to Saturday

    Teams are bound to get up for a game against a ranked Zags squad, but that first half was ridiculous. I didn't think this team could play so poorly given its depth, size and experience. But when our bigs play small, our guards play soft, and capable opposing scorers drive, score, and gather loose balls, I guess anything can happen. I - and I think coaches - would just like to see more energy and fight from everyone, esp. Wiltjer and Karno. How many rebounds did they give away?

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    I'm not too concerned with how the team played, as these games are always tough to get up for. Listening to the postgame radio show, Lloyd mentioned the team had Saturday and Sunday off to rest from the NIT. Can't take much from this game imo. SELA took the air out of the ball and made the zags work for 35 seconds every time down the court. Learn from it an move on to the BIG ONE saturday.

    Looked like Arizona was doing just the same tonight

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    I think that some WCC teams might try to do the same. If you work the ball 30 seconds and get good shots(or even bad but make them) the score does not go up quickly and then by making a couple of threes you are right there. We just have to keep playing hard nose defense and be patient. I love watching this team and all the assists that they keep getting. I love watching how all of them are working at both ends of the court. Wesley and Dranginis both are busting hard on defense and I think we will see the same out of Melson. I also think that GB, Kyle Dranginis and Melson can hold down the point for 6-10 minutes to give Pangos the rest he needs. Especially if you have KW, Wesley or Sabonis to help if they do press.

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