I know we have a game tomorrow night. I've said what I needed to say about that. It's the Zags business to take one game at a time, and not ours. hahahahaha This game is so huge that I can not, not talk about it. Arizona is such a prodigeous foe that I need to talk about them now. I can hardly wait for the game. I was really hoping that both of us would be undefeated at game time, and that both of us would win our tournaments. And that happened, so I'm so grateful.

Arizona has been the best team out west for sometime now, and Gonzaga has constantly wanted to replace them, but so far it hasn't happened. Again this year they are ahead of us in the polls. We continue to chase them. I am beginning to feel about Arizona the way I once felt about the U W. At one time they were a formidable foe, until they chickened out on us. Arizona has never done that, and has gladly been willing to play Gonzaga several times in our Out of Conference games (none at GU though until next year). They've beaten us twice now in the NCAA tournament; and it's about time we knock them off that pedestal.

I really believe that Gonzaga can beat this Arizona Wildcat team. They are tough and confidenct, like all Arizona teams, but they are definitely not the kind of team they were last year. They are missing their two best players from last year. We are not. WE are better. We are bigger, better and tougher. And definitely more experienced. We are tougher inside, beginning with Sabonis. Sabonis is as tough as Arizona will see inside this year. And he's extremely quick for a four who's as tough as him. And we've Wiltjer and Wesley who are both very experienced players who have played at an elite level in basketball. Wesley has played in Arizona two or three years. Gonzaga did not have a player like Wesley last year, and I feel that he will cause havoc in Arizona. Gonzaga, imo is the best team out west this year. Now all they need to do is go and prove it on Saturday.