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Thread: Heytvelt Leaves Tofas Bursa

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    Default Heytvelt Leaves Tofas Bursa

    From Sportando:
    Austin Nichols, Josh Heytvelt leave Tofas Bursa
    The Turkish team did not pick up the option
    Austin Nichols and Josh Heytvelt won't continue their career in Tofas Bursa.
    The Turkish team did not pick up the options on their contracts.
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    Default Good Luck Josh

    I hope that Josh can quickly find a new team in Europe. I hear that due to the problems with the Euro and particularly in Spain and Greece, that BB opportunities are not as easily obtained as they were 5 years ago. But I wish Josh well, both for his own sake and for the sake of his child or children, who probably depend on dad's income for support.

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