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Thread: karma is a twitch for gottlieb

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    Default ZagCo

    Spoken like a Bronco Football Fan.

    Gottlieb's the Zags version of the Bronco's May.

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    He is not well liked in Boise. But, he plays a role and his occasional slights completely overshadow the many other times he's been quite complimentary. Zagco sees him do this to many programs, though. He comes across as arrogant and stiff, which is probably why Zagco doesn't care for him much. Arrogant might be subjective, but he is clearly "stiff." It's kinda fun to see Lou Holtz poke at him, because Lou doesn't care! Hehehehe. Likewise, Gottleib just seems pompous. He's like one of those guys you semi-hang with at the bar after work. At first, he might seem cool, but then you realize he's a scammer and shallow as hell.

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