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Thread: I love my Zags!

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    Default I love my Zags!

    Okay so I've never started a thread before, and I don't really post much but I thought I'd just share a story.

    Back in the mid 90's I watched the first college basketball game I can remember watching. It was Gonzaga vs. Wyoming I was all out rooting for Gonzaga I just thought there name was so cool and then they won! It was awesome!! I tried to then watch there game against Hawaii but I missed it and was sorely dissapointed to see that they lost. Well the next year went by and no matter how much I tried to watch there games they never came on TV so I had to follow them over the internet. But then the greatest thing ever happened they suddenly made it in the NCAA tournament, I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was. I was 15 and it felt better then any Christmas i experienced. I watched them win game after game and suddenly as we all know they lost to uconn. I will tell you right now that was without a doubt the worst sports day in my life, I couldn't go to sleep all night I was just so mad they couldn't get to the final 4 and further on. I was so scared I'd never be able to watch them play again, what if they didn't make the tournament the next year? I know most people hate the UCLA game (Although I do hate it too) but for me the uconn game was the worst ever.

    Well the years went on and as we know the zags kept going to the NCAA tournament, I would always tell all my friends how this was there year and how they would win it all. I absolutely loved Mark Few and no matter how the Zags ended the tourney I knew after a while I would always get to experience this thrill again the next year. The hope the dreams of them reaching the championship game. As I got older I realized that making it the championship game is extremely hard, I may have been silly when I was younger thinking without any doubt that Gonzaga was going to win it all year after year but I love that I could think that. So this year they got the 1 seed and were #1 overall but I didn't feel any different about this year, i had them win my bracket as I do ever single year. And they lost early as they it so often happens. But I didn't sulk and cry like I did back in 99 because I know now how special the last 15 years have been. I wouldn't change those years for just one year of national championship run. Heck no! Sure maybe a national championship run would shut up my friends that have ALWAYS made fun of me for always rooting for my Zags. Maybe it would shut up all the doubters, but honestly I don't care about the doubters at all. Because it's the Zags that thrill me and they have proven all they need to, to me. They have given me more good memories then I could ever ask for.

    I love Mark Few, I love Gonzaga. I loved the team this year. In my mind this years team was 100% successful, I absolutely loved watching them play and when they reached that #1 ranking it was a huge thrill as was the #1 seed. They may never get to a final 4 they may never win a nation championship and that's perfectly fine with me. But if they ever do I will be there celebrating with the best of them!! The mere fact that we can dream of National Championships should make one feel blessed. GO ZAGS 2013-2014 is our year! We will bring it again!!

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    Thanks for sharing your story. The Zags have gathered many MANY fans all over the world. Unconditional love is a sign of a true fan!
    “People can talk. People can speculate. These guys are hungry and they're ready to go." Mark Few

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    Default Well said

    Go Zags 2014. Take it down!

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    Great post. I loved it. Keep posting. You're inspirational.
    Go Zags!!! The Best Is Yet To Come!!!

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    The great thing about college basketball is that every year the team changes, new kids come, some leave. Always dissapointing when the season with so much promise ends with a loss, but I agree, still love these guys.
    This is not Nam, this is bowling. There are rules!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reborn View Post
    Great post. I loved it. Keep posting. You're inspirational.
    Ditto on this...

    As disappointed as most are over the tournament, I'm a bigger Zag fan now than ever. My story goes back to 1973, watching a program with little to no hope. The Dance was not even a talking point. The only dance we talked about was a "Screw Your Roomate" outing at the COG!

    This year:
    Zags are #1 in the polls at regular seasons end.
    Zags get first #1 seed in tournament.
    KO emerges as an All American.
    Zags win WCC outright and undefeated.
    Zags take WCC tournament crown.
    Zags win the Old Spice Classic Tournament.
    Zags take care of USF at War Memorial...personal favorite.

    I'm missing many accomplishments.

    Did anyone have the above on their " i knew this was going to happen" list for the 2012-2013 season. If you say yes, your just stating a self serving prophecy.

    This is growth and a great year of accomplishments and I'm so proud of the Zags.
    Can't wait for November.
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    Go Zags...I'm happy to report that I wore my Zag shirt proudly on Sunday and got some grief and defended my favorite team. I love Gonzaga!
    Go Zags!!!

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