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    Default WCC performances to date

    As of 12-23, the WCC had a combined record of 65-38 for a winning percentage of .631.

    The Conference standings are as follows:

    West Coast
    Team Tot. W-L
    Gonzaga 11-1
    Santa Clara 9-2
    St. Marys 8-2
    BYU 8-4
    Pepperdine 7-5
    Portland 6-6
    San Francisco 5-5
    San Diego 6-7
    Loyola Marymount 5-6

    The RPI standings are as follows:
    Gonzaga 22
    BYU 36
    St. Mary's 76
    SCU 111
    USF 164
    Pepperdine 183
    San Diego 231
    LMU 251
    Portland 256

    The league has very few noteworthy wins.

    Gonzaga's win over RPI 27 Oklahoma is the league's best win.

    BYU has a win over No. 42 Cal State Northridge. BYU has four decent losses to Baylor, Iowa State, Notre Dame and Florida State and a win at PAC-12 Utah.

    SMC's best win was against No. 88 Pacific in revenge of their earlier loss to that same team. They also have a win over No. 90 Utah State.

    Santa Clara has wins over three teams ranked between 51-100 in St. Louis, Wagner, and Pacific. They have no bad losses.

    San Francisco beat RPI 93 St. John's but has too many losses and a couple of bad losses to Holy Cross and Nevada.

    Pepperdine beat Washington State - RPI 174.

    San Diego has no good wins or bad losses.

    LMU's best win was against might Northern Arizona at RPI 181.

    Portland has a lot of good losses.

    All notes are from

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    Thanks for compiling that. Good stuff.

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    Wait... I thought the Dons were going to be the team to beat this year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LongIslandZagFan View Post
    Wait... I thought the Dons were going to be the team to beat this year.
    Hadn't you heard?

    Their national championships mean that they are ALWAYS the team to beat.
    History has its eyes on you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MBAGael View Post

    I was already celebrating our rise in the RPI - alas, reality.

    The road game at SCU will be even harder than usual, that team has become accustomed to winning.

    BYU = 4 losses??

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