This article was linked by a new LMU site sent to the WCC forum, but thought it should be posted here.

It is dated October 20--I think his chances have gotten better since ttwo players were waived.

The Most Unique Position in Sports

"Of all the players fighting for the last spot on a NBA roster, there is only one who was the last pick of the draft. On top of this, circumstance has conspired such that this last draft's last player finds himself in pursuit of one of the most valuable final roster spots of all time. His name is Robert Sacre, and at this precise moment in time, he is the man in the most unique spot in sports. Robert Sacre was taken by the Super Star franchise of modern sports, the Los Angeles Lakers. His arrival coincides with the assemblage of potentially one of the greatest teams in the history of the sport. The whole world is watching to see what Steve Nash and Dwight Howard will add to a team that already has Kobe and Pao Gasol. So far, with a little over a week remaining, before the season starts, Robert Sacre's chances of grabbing that golden seat at the end of the Laker's bench, are looking good.

This seven foot Canadian had a very good, though less than nationally dominant, career playing for Coach Mark few's highly respected Gonzaga program. The WCC conference, in general, has been kicking a lot of players into the NBA going back to John Stockton and including Steve Nash, who played for Gonzaga and Santa Clara, respectively. The recent lottery picks like Adam Morrison and Austin Daye have struggled while second round picks like Ronny Turiaf and St. Mary's Patty Mills, have made real roles for themselves in the league. If Gonzaga had made it deeper into the NCAA Tournament, Sacre probably would have been drafted higher. However, they were beaten in the second round by a very strong Ohio State team, whose big man, Sullinger, went in the first round to the Celtics. Failing to turn that personal and team matchup, into a victory, dropped Sacre's stock, all the way down to the very last pick in the draft."

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