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Thread: Comments by Jerry Wainwright about Matt

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    Default Comments by Jerry Wainwright about Matt

    Here's what Coach Wainwright had to say about Matt yesterday:

    Matt Bouldin, 6-5, G, Gonzaga, So., 4 ppg, 40 percent overall, 33.3 percent on 3s, 13.1 mpg:

    Wainwright's take: "We had to move Matt around a lot. He wounded up having to play inside. He knows how to play. He did everything I asked. But it was difficult for him to score, and he didn't shoot well. He was a great teammate and helped us win games. But he was out of position."

    If you want to read the rest of the article and see his take on the other players you can read the article here
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    Smile Sounds like Matt did'nt get a fair shake.

    No,wonder the young mans stats went downhill after the first couple of games. From what I've read and heard the U.S. team utilized a structured offense and a lot of set plays during the first game or two and Matt shone. then Coach Wainwright seemed to decide to run & gun,with fewer set plays, more one on one and less ball movement. Matt is used to playing on the outside, in a structured offense, shooting from the outside and when he drives or cuts, receiving the ball from Raivio, and Pargo,both of whom can thread the needle. While I am proud that he was picked for the honor of representing his Country, and am sure that the experience benefited him in many ways both athletically and socially, it sounds like his best qualities were not utilized within Coach Wainwrights game style. I think Matt will quickly erase any doubts that his performance on this team may have instilled in those that do not know him. Nothing like a little home cooking and playing with guys who know and like you to prepare for another stellar season as a Zag!! Go Zags, Go Matt!!!
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    Default Forget the stats...

    I feel like this was really a compliment to Matt. I think there is way to much emphasis put into how much Matt plays and how much Matt shoots and how much Matt scores....or fill in a players name.

    Isn't basketball a team game and isn't Matt doing just what his coach asked of him? And isn't the "me" attitude exactly what is wrong with USA Basketball. Hell, I can't actually remember an international tournament that we as a country have won at any level!!!

    Please don't lose perspective here! The important thing is that Matt learned from this experience on a personal and a basketball level. But more importantly, that he doesn't get injured. I, for one, always cringe when one of our guys gets chosen to play on one of these teams.

    It is a great honor, but I just hope that we don't go into the season with nagging injuries or bumps and bruises and possibly a shooting slump and confidence problems.

    Just my 2 cents!

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    Default I went to a DePaul

    vs Cincinnati game at All State Arena last year, in Chicago and what I saw was something I thought I'd never see on a Division 1 college basketball court. It was easily the most reckless, undisciplined, sloppy games I have ever watched. Jerry Wainwright's "offense" consisted of having a wing hang back (cherry-pick) and attempt the alley-oop immediately after the defensive rebound. Honest to God, they attempted AT LEAST 7 half court alley-oops. It was like watching And-1, just utterly appalling to a basketball purest. To top in off, the announcer was the public address announcer for the White Sox (I recognized his voice)

    So, in short, if Matt didn't fit in well with "Coach" Wainwright's system, it probably means he is a good basketball player.

    Ever wonder why Depaul signs 4 and 5 star guys on an annual basis, but you never hear about the team during the season? Note my first paragraph.

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