Thanks to 5 brand new school records at last weekend's West Coast Invitational, every single Gonzaga distance record from 800 m to the 10000 m for both women and men are now held by current Gonzaga athletes. To make that even more exciting not a single one of the record holders is out of eligibility, so its likely that they'll all be back to improve on their own marks.

Pat Tyson as the coach is doing one hell of a job and if any of you Spokane people run into him make sure you give him a pat on the back and congratulate him.

(Just to be accurate, the 800m record for men is still held by Jon Neill, a super fast dude who happens to also be the current director of the Bloomsday Road Race. The 5000m indoor record is held by Joe Miller, a more recent graduate. His indoor record is superior to the current outdoor 5000m record.)