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    Saw Brock in the championship game of boys varsity bracket - which they won pretty handily. This is the second time I have seem him - once a few months ago. What impressed me both times was how quick and athletic he is for a big guy. Granted he was playing three on three ball, but a lot, probably most of our big guys of the past five years would not be able to clear a rebound and then take off dribbling with the ball, looking all the while like a guard or wing. In fact, I don't know that any of our big men have been able to move like that - what do you mods think ? He is fluid and quick. What a great combination, very quick, with the coordination to handle the ball and move with it.

    Also, around the basket he seems to have a lot of shots that he is comfortable with. He didn't always make the same move, he seemed to take what they gave him, though he could pretty much take what he wanted. But he used the glass well, and also had a real nice mid range jump shot

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    Default great report

    Great report Fonebone. Thnx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tyra View Post
    Great report Fonebone. Thnx.

    Casey and Cory could bring it up if they had to but, fonebone, you are right, Brock "grabs and goes" like no other past Zag big man. He does this during his high school games as well. And he will be more advanced in his low-post skill set than Casey or Cory or Ronny was. JP was darn good in that area.
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