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Thread: Funny things your kids say

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    This is a little off topic....but for the last week or so there has been a lot of concern about the damage that may (or may not) be caused by teens spending 5 hours a day on their phones..... and the obligation that social media companies.... as opposed to parents..... have to solve the problem....???

    Now phones have been around for quite awhile....and I recall my parents having no problem at all of telling me and my " get off the phone and get off your fat ass and go out and get some fresh air ".
    My kids are well aware that tablet/phone time IS NOT viewed as time well spent.

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    So, awhile ago we ordered Stanley a Hot Wheels toy and Kmart sent the wrong one. With them closing it was a pain to return it so we kept "Bat Manor" as a reward for when he learns to read.
    Well, he's trying so hard to sound things out that he's asked to open "Bat Manure" a half dozen times today. And since my husband and I are huge nerds we keep saying "it's called guano."

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