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Thread: WHo here understands basketball from a players viewpoint

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    i just wanted to see this thread reach 100....and thank everybody who wrote in.....i thought this was one of the coolest threads ive read...and i thought it would make a lot of people mad but instead it made me respect all gu board members weather they played ball or not...thanks to everybody!!!

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    Ok, 101 now.
    Kind of like an auction.

    Do I hear 102?

    I also think it was one of the best read and contribution threads I have ever seen here.

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    Default Best Ever!

    Wow, just wow, what a great thread this is. Some of us only watch this blog during season and get excited. I read year long but post only during season normally. Glad I do for sure now.

    This sort of "coming out" thread is awesome. I knew we had some experience out there from the great posts.
    I am a Montana Griz and only played HS B-ball and not spectacularly. I did excel at another sport and was an intercollegiate champion in it, but not BB. I will say that those that have competed at high level in any sport have the understanding of what it takes to get there, but I also believe that elements of different sports require unique perspectives to understand each.
    The team chemistry and mental dynamics can be perhaps seen better by the untrained technical eye I think at times. The 10,000 foot overview is good sometimes maybe. Different perception from eyes trained in different ways.

    Like you, I love and admire the GU programs from having lived in Spokane for 20+ years and getting HOOKED! I now live in the town that produced Derek Ravio, Zach Gord, Dan Dickau and others proudly. There are a LOT of Zag fans over here and proudly fly the colors for the program.
    I read other blogs at other schools, but none are as together as this one.
    I look forward to another exciting season...
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    I moved around a ton when I was young, so that put me behind the 8 ball when it came to organized sports. I played 3 years of varsity tennis in HS. In terms of hoops... Hmmmm... Let me put it this way... I had a PG body but a PF game. I can play the boards very well... But that's hard to do when you are 8-10 inches shorter than the guys you'd be up against... So no hoops in HS for me.

    I did play a ton of pick-up games growing up and intramurals in college and play in an over 30 league at my church. For that league I get to play my PF game... Often the enforcer in the paint. I have coached youth soccer at a travel level for both my kids.

    While I think it does take more than just watching the game to understand it completely, there are many examples of guys who know the game without playing it. Jeff and Stan Van Gundy being great examples. Perspective is great but I don't think it necessarily makes you any more knowledgable than the next guy. Trust me there have been kids I have coached in soccer that have tons of ability... But don't truly get the game and will live off the inherent talent and not play the game right... Likely all the way through HS and possibly into college.
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