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Thread: 2008 CG Grant Gibbs from Iowa

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    Default 2008 CG Grant Gibbs from Iowa

    Grant Gibbs. The 6-foot-5 combo out of Marion (Iowa) Linn-Marr has offers. Iowa State wants him, so does Indiana State, Northern Iowa and Penn State. Iowa, Creighton, Wichita State, Wisconsin and Gonzaga have shown interest. Who's coming the hardest? Right now Washington State, according to Gibbs, is in the midst of making a strong push.
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    Default I like him

    From what I have read he doesn't have the shot yet, but he is big! More of a tweener gaurd. He would fit the role of the bigger gaurds like Matt bouldin and Blake. I also love the style that comes from those mid-west states, the hard nose B-Ball played in Wisconsin and Iowa. I think that he could be a zag and hope he considers us heavily.

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    Default Wisconsin and Iowa?

    Maybe you mean Indiana and Ohio, because Wisconsin and Iowa are poor states for prep basketball.

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    Indiana and Ohio are certainly good basketball producing states. But, neither Iowa or Wisconsin are very poor. Off the top of my head I can think of a whole list of good players from both states.

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    Default Its not North Dakota or Montana

    but Iowa is pretty awful. In a given year, you might expect 3-6 D-1 (at any level) players. I should know, I went to grad school at U of Iowa.

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