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Thread: Wcc Tourney In Las Vegas...who Will Be There!!

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    I'm in--last chance to see us beat hamsam-------again

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    MattiesFan & her friend Bette will be there. Sec FL7, Row B, Seats 1 & 2.
    We were there last year 6 rows in back of the guys. Soooooo Exciting!!!!
    We're staying @ the Orleans, coming down on Sat. Would love to meet some
    new Zag fans.
    Just saw Adam Morrison being interviewed @ the Pepperdine game. Miss him!! Anyway, GO ZAGS!!!! SEE Y'ALL IN VEGAS!!!

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    Default Last year was great!

    Zagdad and his wife will be there. We went last year and had a great time! We decided this was something fun to do every year. We love to root for our Zags! We will be in section 116, row aa,

    We enjoyed the convenience of staying at the Orleans and just being able to walk over the the Arena.

    See all you Zag fans there!

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    Default Vegas, Baby!

    Zagthunder will be there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oregon Zag View Post
    We're going!It's our first trip to Las Vegas so we are novices in the big town. Our tx are in section 104, L. I haven't picked a place to stay yet. We want something fairly close to the arena but with food & drink--maybe The Palms?? I need advise from anyone in the know. It would be great to get together with Zag fans during the tournament. Can't wait to meet everyone.
    I haven't seen any posts responding to your post. Maybe you have received some PM's, but in case not,.......

    If you want close, stay at The Orleans. It's a full fledged Casino. Multiple eating options, and all good. I went to last year's tourney and stayed there. I took a cab from the airport to The Orleans and never left the facility. It's connected to the Arena, so you could spend the entire time of the tourney and never step a foot outside.

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    Default Hondos will be there

    Mr and Mrs Hondo had a great time last year. Will be in section 105.

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    GonzagaGurl will be there in section 118 broken finger and all. On another note, is anyone who's going to Vegas have a child in their family who would like a Gonzaga hooded sweatshirt size Youth Large. My dad had it as a sample from his Job. PM me and let me know.
    " 'Damn! I made a lot of stupid – and you can quote me on this – stupid-ass plays. Man, that's gross. But at least we got the win.' " -Jeremy Pargo

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    Default WCC tickets

    Hey do you know of any tickets avalable for the GU games? Anyone change there mind at the last minute and not going?

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    I'll be there, staying at Mandalay Bay's TheHotel. Looking forward to the pregame socials!

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    Default Clubs

    Anyone know of good deals for Zag fans getting into clubs? VIP passes?

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    Last year, the back of the tickets had a coupon for the Blue Man Group--this year no such luck--it's for Zappos.

    Keep your eyes open at the arena--last year the ushers gave 2 for 1 coupons for the Orleans Buffet--maybe they have something different this year. Also check the Tournament program--and the daily papers. There are coupons for buffets and shows in the paper daily.


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    ZFFL will be there along with Pops. Can't wait. Should be an awesome tourney!! We are both LMU alumns but have fallen in love with the Zags ever since experiencing one of the best moments of our life being in Arizona for the 99 sweet sixteen game vs Florida and the elite eight game vs UConn. Great hoops in a fun city with people you love..... can anything be better? Im counting down the days.

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    Default Coming from South Carolina

    I have lived in South Carolina all of my life and I became a Zag fan back when I was a kid and Matt Santangelo was leading the team. There are very few Zag fans that I know out here in SC, but I am really looking forward to meeting some of you. I am graduating from college and my parents surprised me with this trip to Vegas to see my favorite team play.

    I will be staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, and my ticket is in 115, row T. I am looking forward to a good time at the tournament and at the roulette wheel... haha. Go ZAGS!

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