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Thread: Daye Top recruit in WCC according to

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    Default Daye Top recruit in WCC according to

    Kinda cool, Also they put Memphis recruit Jeff Robison over Derrick Rose. I don't know if I go for that one. They still had O.J. Mayo as undecided but I don't think I would take Kevin Love off of the top recruit in the Pac-10 even if "the juice" was in the mix.

    Here is the rest:
    Top Recruits By Conference
    Conference Best Recruit, School Player Ranking
    A-10 Chris Wright 50
    ACC Kyle Singler 4
    Big 12 Michael Beasley 5
    Big East Donte Greene 7
    Big Ten Eric Gordon 2
    C-USA Jeff Robinson 64
    Pac-10 Kevin Love 3
    SEC Anthony Randolph 12
    Undecided O.J. Mayo 1
    WCC Austin Daye 60
    America East
    Atlantic Sun Brian Wright NR
    Big Sky Derek Selvig NR
    Big South George Valentine NR
    Big West Terrell Smith NR
    Colonial Isaiah Tate NR
    Horizon Matt Howard NR
    IVY Tyler Bernardini NR
    Metro Atlantic Jay Gavin NR
    Mid-American Chase Allen NR
    Mid-Continent Ceola Clark NR
    Mid-Eastern **** most signees come in spring ***
    Mountain West Billy White NR
    Ohio Valley Gerald Robinson No. 30 Point Guard
    Patriot Andrew Beinert NR
    Southern Noah States NR
    Sun Belt Chris Gradnigo No. 30 Small Forward
    Western Athletic Armon Johnson NR
    If I can't directly put this up please take it down, but it wasn't in the restricted section!

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    It comes as no suprise to me that Daye is the top of the WCC. The biggest names obviously dont fall in our conference much. I am however dissapointed that they have him ranked #60, although it seems to be an older version, I believe that hes garnered a lot more attention across the nation. If Im right was he not very close to being an AA? Yes, I think Mayo is definetly the top of the PAC-10. The kid is just amazing.
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    Default 2007 hasn't updated their 2007 rankings in awhile, but knowing those guys, I wouldn't expect Daye to move up much. No enough premium subscribers....

    Where Daye is ranked with some of the other services:

    #25 -
    #26 - Hoopscooponline
    #34 - Hoopmasters

    BTW….the most decorated U.S. prep prospect to commit to a non-GU WCC school in the 2007 class is Tyrone Shelley (rated #62 at Rivals), who will be suiting up for the Pepperdine Waves.

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    I like Pepp's incoming class a lot, including redshirts. They should easily be most improved and should create havoc for everyone with better players playing that style.
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    With OJ's performance in the Burger Boy Game...there is no way he unseats Love for the top in the Pac-10...To echo Bob's sentiment, one only has to look at the Suns and Nuggets to see that it takes a year or two to really adjust to that crazy-uptempo system. Pepperdine will definately be very tough to play, especially in Malibu.

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