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Thread: Still Coach Few and Gonzaga haters in the state.

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    Morrison shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath as Ryan Leaf, who is arguably the biggest bust of all time, in any sport.
    I'd argue this guy wins that title, but Leaf is definitely in the game.

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    I once knew a guy back on the farm who could'nt walk by a cow turd without
    stirring it up. Then he always complained about the stink! For myself, I find Spokane and the Inland Northwest big enough for my Zags, the Cougs, and the Whitworth Pirates , even the Community College. The Zags are my first love, but I follow the others with interest too.

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    This is too funny. Love it!

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    Yes, GU plays in the weak WCC conference, HOWEVER, the other WCC schools are always giving GU their best shots because if they beat GU that says something. Other teams really try to rise to the occasion to play GU, so it's not like GU isn't working for these wins. Some harder than others, yes, but it's still work to be done.

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    Love is blind but jealousy has 20-20 vision. - Shakespeare

    To apply the quote from Othello to sports, we all love our teams and it's easy to point out the negatives of our rivals. Bottom line is it's a sports game and it's fun to watch. Let the respect lie on the floor, and let's have GU get the last laugh.

    Go Zags!!!

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    ZagsGoZags, I am sure GU would fill more seats if the venue was larger. On WSUs side, attendance is solid given the outlying population in the area. There just isnít a significant base for WSU to draw from in Whitman County and that does impact attendance especially on Thursday nights in the dead of winter.

    NotoriousZ, I donít see Morrison living up to his draft pick. Will he end up the biggest bust? Not a chance although I wouldnít have expected he would have less impact than say Reddick and not even scratch what Roy is doing. That's how things go when you jump from college to pro.

    Leaf is one of the bigger busts for a couple reasons. QB will always be a position with a ton of exposure for a bust. If you are good talent you end up drafted by a terrible organization with most likely and awful offensive line and skill players. You are forced to play early to justify the contract. Those things create the potential for a big bust. In Leafís case, he was just not a nice person to put it mildly so he drew a lot of attention.

    CDC, Iím not quite sure what you are talking about. I think K2 seats 6,000 versus Beasley seating slightly more than 11,000. So if 2,500 are empty that brings down the WSU attendance to 8,500 for WSU games and hence the ďcouple thousand more butt-in-seatsĒ thank GU that I posted in the original message. I wasn't going back to the old building. I donít even know if 8,500 was the average attendance last season. I would expect it was probably 6-8k but I don't know the exact figure.

    Iíll give you that WSU has a lot more students but GU draws from a much larger population base. It isnít really an apples-to-apples comparison and one that is a challenge for WSU.

    Getting into schedule I would also argut to my grave that the Pac 10 schedule is more difficult to navigate than GUís OOC schedule. Itís an 18 game schedule both home-and-away over 2 straight months. It is played later in the year when teams are starting to peak. The venues are difficult and the time to prep over any week is relatively short even though the teams know each other well. GU plays a great OOC schedule but the Pac 10 schedule is a grind. You don't get many games you can take for granted especially over the last 5 years with the Bennett's coming to WSU, Sendec at ASU, and now Robinson at OSU. Oregon was a bit of a break last year but look at the talent on that roster. It is a brutal schedule.

    The WCC is an element of the conversation when you are talking about GU. I donít think it is a big deal to most WSU fans. The majority of WSU fans have about as much respect for GU as an opposing school can have for another program. We arenít going to kiss your collective booties though and for whatever reason I think some fans expect that kind of treatment. At the end of the day it is just a dig and nothing more. You have a really good program that you should find pride in. However, when you compete in a league that has programs with multiple National Championships it is somewhat strange to not bring up the conferences. I know there is USF and that the gap has closed some but the conferences still don't really compare. We still enjoy GU but címon.

    GUDan, you stay classy.

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