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    Tiger just became the first athlete to pass a billion dollars in career earnings.$1B-mark

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    Eroop, that news reminded me: When Tiger signed w/ Nike way back when, his Dad called the $40MM deal "chump change". I tried to find the exact quote; IIRC, he said it a broader statement, something along the lines of, 'By the time Tiger finishes his career, forty million dollars will seem like chump change.' And it wouldn't surprise me if somewhere along the way, Earl predicted his son would be the first billionaire athlete.

    As for Tiger's endorsement money, companies want to be associated with winners. That's why Nike gambled on a 20-year-old Woods when he turned pro 10 years ago, signing him to a five-year endorsement deal worth $40-million U.S. The money was deemed outrageous at the time and resulted in jealousy from PGA Tour veterans.

    "Some guys gave me the cold shoulder," Woods told Associated Press golf writer Doug Ferguson last year. "Some guys wouldn't talk to me at all."

    Meanwhile, Woods's father, Earl, who died in May after a long battle with cancer, called the money from Nike at the time "chump change."
    The above was published in August, 2006 LINK

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