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Thread: Congrats to USF!

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    Default Congrats to USF!

    Great work by the green and gold:
    You have to love the Gonzaga fan. Not satisfied to be affronted merely by common hosings at the hands of ragtag referees, he plows all avenues of discontent. - John Blanchette

    Gonzaga University...Home of the Zags...The Bulldogs. If you pronounce it "Gone Zaw Ga," they'll know you're not from here and they may charge you more for your coffee. - Garrison Keillor

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    LOL. I knew it couldn't be...

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    That is cold Mr. Angelo Roncalli.

    If we had Greg greeting the team and the fans then the other USF would win big games too.

    The Dons have won national titles and one of these days Mr. Bill Russell is going to forget that he's snubbed us for 48 years and come back into the fold.

    In the meantime, just for kicks we'll enjoy a limo ride on our annual day trip to Las Vegas.

    Mr. Angelo Roncalli, I'm surprised you didn't also link this Ewe Ess Eff article from last year called "National Champs to National Chumps"

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