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Thread: Help for HBZ

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    Default Help for HBZ

    O.K Lets get this part over with. I screwed up, goofed around changing home pages & emails and eliminated the one I used on the GU Board Forum.
    To show you my bona fides here are the four I have used in the past: my present email and the one I intend to stick with is Please reset my HBZ account to that email and send me a password reset email. I would claim a Senior moment , but it was mere stupidity. Thanks in advance Bill Kraus aka HillBillyZag
    PS one cannot contact you at the main@spokesman address, it will not deliver.

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    Another week and still no email. I guess HBZ is doomed to banishment. He is agreat GU fan, too bad!

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    Default HBZ WILL ride again!


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    Check your e-mail... if you are good, let me know and I will delete this thread.
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    Default I love it!

    "Free at Last, Free at Last! Thanks to the Pontiff or Long Island Zag or perhaps both or more even, the "Voice of the Common man will be heard again!" Stolen from Billy Cunningham of WWWL Cincinnati 1, Ohio! You may delete it all! "Fire when you are ready ! Gridley!
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    Thanks should go to LIZF, HB. He's the administration maestro.
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