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Thread: Expanding the WCC to Ten

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    The WCC should stick to the league members it has now. For the Zags playing 4 more conference games with two additional members in hoops would eliminate 4 nonconference games and their RPI would go way down, They would continue to dominate their conference in hoops and play a tremendous nonconference schedule. Why have two more average teams in the conference and waste 4 games.

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    Default Makes sense to me

    Quote Originally Posted by SpudDawg View Post
    Expand to 10 teams by adding Pacific and Seattle U.

    Split into two 5-team divisions (North and South).

    Play each team in your own division twice ... 4 teams X 2 = 8 games

    Play each team in the other division once ... 5 teams X 1 = 5 games

    Actually leaves you with the opportunity to play one more OOC game and strengthen your RPI.

    North: Gonzaga, Portland, Seattle U, USF, Pacific

    South: San Diego, Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine, Santa Clara, St. Mary's

    Or divide the Bay Area teams differently -- whatever works.
    Great discussion. Staying in the WCC is the way to go - need to consider all the sport teams. There should be no rush to add SU. May be in 5-7 years? Let them prove they are a viable D-I school. I like Denver because of its profile but it is not on the west coast. The 10 team north-south arrangement is a logical way for me, leaving room for OCC games. Over time, various teams will be on the rise and some teams in decline/rebuiding. As others have said, we should enjoy the ride now. The institutions need to put $$ behind their programs. Glad to hear that SMC is working toward replacing their gym.

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    Default Well....

    Actually, the reason why you don't see MWC teams play a great amount of games on ESPN and such is that they have their own national TV network which brings in millions and millions and millions of dollars in revenue and can seen by any dish subscriber and many cable subscribers across the whole country. I regularly watch MWC football and basketball from my home, and I am located outside that region. If there wasn't much national or local interest in their athletics, that channel (the Mountain) wouldn't exist. It's a big deal.
    Actually...the MWC schools have nothing but contempt for the current TV deal they have. Their visiblity is practically zero. We (the WCC) have a much better deal with ESPN.

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    Default tv

    I believe Gonzaga's deal with ESPN and FSN is separate from the league. That is why we get 30 games on tv each year and it isn't more spread throughout the league.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colbyspapa View Post
    I believe Gonzaga's deal with ESPN and FSN is separate from the league. That is why we get 30 games on tv each year and it isn't more spread throughout the league.

    ESPN deal is with WCC only. FSN is with GU.

    That being said, league contract with ESPN supersedes the GU contract with FSN on a national level. Hence some people getting burned and not being able to see games on FCS.

    I will say this... I don't want GU to leave the WCC. I actually hope that the WCC will continue to slowly improve. That being said, adding two teams will only slow that progress especially with a school like SU who is just getting back into D1.
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    After having read each post in this thread I have decided to chime in with MHO...

    Gonzaga will not leave the WCC in the foreseeable future and I don't see any expansion happening either.

    Gonzaga has it made in this conference and in fact when people think of this conference, they THINK Gonzaga. The Zags are also extremely capable with running with the "big dogs" of college basketball. If you recall, before we could get H&H games with the ACC/PAC10, we had to "prove ourselves," going through the "school of hard knocks!" Now we are established, we are a "big dog" in our own right! This is one reason UW doesn't want to play us in a H&H series anymore!

    It has a winning tradition that few other schools have been able to match.

    Expansion means losing OOC games, which provide necessary national exposure. Playing four extra conference games does absolutely nothing to enhance and further market this program. It actually dilutes the product, which is Gonzaga Basketball, not the WCC. As one poster stated, "We are the money ticket in WCC Basketball (in so many words that is)." At present the current formation of the WCC is a "win-win situation" for all involved. I truly believe SU and UOP would jump at the opportunity that is the WCC BUT if we are smart, which I believe we are, we will veto expansion, unless there is direct benefit for Gonzaga Basketball.

    Gonzaga may not have the following of UNC, Duke, Kansas, MSU, UConn and others but the "product" which is Gonzaga Basketball is well marketed nationwide and outside of BCS conferences, we really do not have rivals (now that Memphis has shot itself in the foot), which is why we are on television so much. We have an excellent product, so expansion or moving to another conference just doesn't make economic sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelo Roncalli View Post

    There are some hopeless romantics that want to revive football at SMC and SCU. I don't think it will ever happen.
    And,.... Loving it. Except August to December part. Although SMC is undefeated the last 5 years...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MJGoGaels View Post
    .... SMC is undefeated the last 5 years...
    SMC will never catch GU in that category...
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    I have a sentimental feeling for SU inclusion, BUT the bottom line for WCC expansion is....IF IT AINT BROKE - DON'T FIX IT!!!

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