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Thread: Dave Boling on Frank Burgess

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    Default John Blanchette - - a fitting tribute to Frank Burgess

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    Default Memories from '59

    Great story on Mr. B. I was at GU when he was playing, what fun and a privilege to watch him in action. If memory serves, there was a ladies dorm, on the east side of the campus. My roomy at the men's dorm had a girl friend living there. There were certain visiting hours at the girls' dorm. Guys had to check in at the front desk, the desk clerk summoned the girl you were visiting while the guy waited in the lobby for her to come down. One night we guys had a few too many Olys and my roomy decided he wanted to visit his girl - after visiting hours. Her room was on the floor above the roof that covered the dorm's entry way. So he shimmied up the metal pole holding up that roof, then reached up and knocked on her window. Trouble was, she wasn't in there but her roommate was. She screamed, he jumped back and fell off the roof, the lights in the lobby went on, and we all ran - all that is except my roomy - his ankle was broken. And yes, he was booted out of school. But he didn't rat on us - although we really didn't do anything wrong except cheer him on. Oh, could I tell you some stories from those days - but my greatest thrill was watching Frank Burgess play.

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    Zagtana, you are referring to Madonna Hall. Here is a small picture and some more history I found while poking around the web. Good story BTW.

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    Default Great thread and stories

    I recently joined this forum and just found this great thread. It brings back great memories. My father, Pete Rij, went to GU on a basketball scholarship coming off an Air Force team in the 50's. Because he was in a serious car accident the summer before attending he was never able to play for GU but Hank Anderson honored his scholarship and kept him on as an assistant. He stayed on after graduating with an engineering degree and was there when Frank Burgess arrived, he picked him up from the airport with Hank. Some of you related stories my dad told me hundreds of times like when Frank arrived at the campus he was told he was there to get an education first and that's what sold Frank on Gonzaga. My dad also talked about getting Frank a rental house, the landlord was talking to my dad about the property and my dad told him to talk to Frank because the place was for him, and immediately the home was no longer for rent.

    The stories from that time period were great. My dad used to talk about the 7'+ Frenchman Lefebvre who if I remember correctly wanted to play more of the 2 or 3 rather than the 5 and Hank was always yelling at him to get under the basket. He talked of homer refs on road games where the Zags had all but 4 players foul out. The refs allowed Hank to put a 5th player back into the game, which was Frank, then gave him a technical when he entered the game. My dad talked about the game where Hank told Frank he was going to give him a break and he didn't have to cover the all American Egan, he would give him the other guard Lenny Wilkens. After the game Frank told Hank, from now on don't do me any more favors. I wish I could remember more stories in detail, some lack accuracy so I don't want to tell them until I get them straight.

    My dad was pleased when Hank had him host the alumni parties after road games. He said Hank wanted the parties in my dads room and he soon found out why. Hank could go back to his room and sleep and my dad would be up with the partiers all night long and he got the cleanup duty. He enjoyed every minute of it.

    My dad thought the world of Hank Anderson and Frank Burgess. He thought of Frank as a shining example of what a Gonzaga student-athlete could become.

    I finally got to meet Mr. Burgess in March of 2008 at the WCC championships at USD. It was a real thrill to hear Frank tell the exact same stories my dad had told for all those years. My dad wasn't full of hot air afterall. My dad took a picture of Frank and I, had it enlarged, signed by Frank then gave it to me as a gift. My dad would pass away several months later and that picture means more to me now than ever. I have it with me every GU game I watch on TV and I don't miss a game although I miss having my dad by my side cheering the Zags and yelling at the refs. I am so grateful I finally got to meet Frank while my dad was still alive.
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