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    Default Something to complain about

    It's amazing what a few wins will do to send the hand wringers into hiding. I'm just wondering what all the Few must go, Pargo is the worst, Bouldin doesn't show in big games, can't guard the 3, where's Josh, posters do with their angst when the team is winning?

    For me, and I think I speak for many more, I thank Few and Co. for the last decade of GU basketball. For the job they've done year after year of reloading and putting this team in a position to win come March. But even aside from that, it's the ride that I love. I live my life waiting for the next game, to see how they'll handle their next opponent, bounce back from a difficult game, or how a particular player will continue to dominate or find his way out of a funk.

    On a side note--anyone ever get a glimpse of the girl who is at the home staking team photos from the sideline?

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    Default Spot on! but!

    As you stated the Zags loose and its doom and gloom and throw the players under the bus. We win against inferrior league oponents and its on to the Final Four. In this age of reality shows this board often shows very little in the way of reality. I to look forward to every game and wonder how the team will perform and hope for the best outcome but I try to keep my feet on the ground. IMO this team has amazing potential but we have had teams who have both over achieved and under achieved in the tournament. Thats what makes March Madness the best sports tournament in the world!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZagHouse View Post
    On a side note--anyone ever get a glimpse of the girl who is at the home staking team photos from the sideline?
    Dude, yes. The brunette. I noticed her first at the UConn game, but then noticed she's at home games too. It would be hard for me to concentrate if I was one of the players.
    "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."
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    Default Winning is like Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo

    -No more tears

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