We'll, I decided to go back and watch the game. I just wanted to get another feel for what happen. In doing so I get a different feeling alright. My conclusion is that we we're more a victim of BLOWN oppurtunities than of 8feet tall hulksters....I mean NO offense to Memphis who deserved to win. I'll do my best to explain my point.

Go back and watch our 3 point attempts....we had more than a handfull that were WIDE open. In fact almost ALL were wide open....that ain't dominating defense...thats just plain missing an open shot. We also had Josh 3 feet from the bucket get stripped twice....and loose the ball mid-air(withut being touched or blocked out) which he should have dunked...I'm not dissing the big guy either...next time pass Josh the ball higher so that he isn't getting a pass to low to handle. Also, I noticed that our guys are standing around on offense. How hard is it to cover a guy who's standing still...especially when the defenders have 6 foot long arms and cat quick.(no pun intended tigers) When we did run a play, as soon as the guys made their cuts they'd just stop...we need more motion on offense.....our athletes thrive when given space to operate. To make matters worse...since the wings were generally just standing in quicksand, Pargo would try to force the action. Its not like Pargo had any other choices...then when we did finally force a shot Memphis had 3 or 4 guys at the rim. Why? Cause the Memphis defender is smart enough to stay between his man and the rim.....which in fact put the Memphis defender a couple of steps from the rim. Most of the above is from the first half observations.

In the second half the tiger worshipping continued as the score got out of hand...When did the game finally turn around??? When we start taking the game to them...when we started pressuring the ball. Did ya notice what happened when we pressured the inbound pass...they muffed it up...numerous times. Too bad it took till the end of the game to figure out that they don't know how to run an inbounds play. The 26 point lead evaporated quickly once we put the heat on THEM. In fact it was only 12 point lead with 1 and change to go...they got the other points through intentional fouls. Don't give me they intentionally backed off either....we started hitting them in their weak spots....seems we do have pretty athletic players.

My conclusions: Quit showing the other team so much friggen respect...test them! If the can weather it, fine. We loose. But, don't go out their with a water pistol when the shotgun is in the house. Next, my apoligies to Mr. Bouldin whom I said could not get to the hoop against Memphis. He could if the other 4 guys are screening and moving....same for Pargo. Meech took it right down their throats. As far as athletic plays go....we had the 2 most athletic plays of the game....Meech's 2/3 court pass to Josh for the dunk...or Ira's skying over Kemp and Evans for the 3 point play off of a steal. We do have the athletes to compete we just need to quit gawking and start playing. Rob's return would also free up Josh and give us some more quality hacking/rebounding. Yes, Rob can man one up.

Keep you're heads up Zags...take it to St Mary's!

P.S. When Micah is hot from 3 LAND....feed him till he misses!