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Thread: Two Coaching Items that Hopefully Won't Bite Us

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    Default Two Coaching Items that Hopefully Won't Bite Us

    OK, I can't help myself. I've sat and vented to my buds on these two points far too long and just have to lay 'em out for others' perspectives. I am compelled to underscore that while I offer two NITS, they are outweighed by the veritable cornucopia of excellence that is the coaching staff and program.... but, alas, the odds suggest that the inevitable shall occur sometime between tomorrow and April 2nd, and I offer these ahead of time so as to seek "reasoned" feedback unfueled by any post-loss emotion:

    - Lack of minutes for another big. Whether it's Foster or Burgess, I don't understand the lack of time provided to one of these guys after JH's departure. We've seen a stellar reinventing of the Zags' game (more four-guard movement and full-court/half-court pressure), but at some point foul trouble and matchups suggest that we'll need to run one of these guys at an opponent for some extended minutes. I just have not understood the lack of PT given to either Foster or Burgess. We're fortunate in that our matchup with the Hoosiers shouldn't hurt us here, but we've also lost a potential matchup advantage that might've existed with some meaningful minutes for a big during the second half of WCC play. Foster's first half against San Diego underscores this.
    - On X's and O's: the lack of any screening on the baseline inbounds play against full-court man pressure. It cost us against UCLA last year, and we don't seemed to have remedied the issue this year. We've got to have a better way to get DRav the ball than just one-on-one cuts against a top defender.

    Anybody questioning the same? Hopefully there'll be a post out there next week titled, "Jaszag's Nits - Way Off."

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    Default Lack of minutes for another big

    I agree GU will need another Big sometime during their tourney run. Foster is a player; Burgess looks to be a ???? Nice to see Foster with some PT during the WCC tournament.... that is sure to give him confidence if he get's during the Big Dance.

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    Default go with...

    what got you there! You might see spot minutes in dire foul trouble situations, but it ain't going to happen on a consistent basis.

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