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    I'm surprised this hasn't come up. Last night I was half watching ESPN when the conversation turned to Tubby Smith's job security and coaching ability. Gottlieb told a story about a recruit he talked to that had been recruited by UK, UNC, UCLA, Duke (I think) and Gonzaga. I may not have the schools correct, but you get the drift, we were in good company. Anyway, the recruit told Gottlieb that he liked Tubby, but was less than impressed with his assistants and elected to enroll somewhere else. He didn't say where the kid enrolled or who it was. Two things struck me about Gottlieb's story, 1) that GU was so nonchalantly mentioned with the traditional basketball/recruiting powers, and 2) Who the hell was he talking about? any ideas?


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    It was Deon Thompson. A big wide-bodied Batista-type out of SoCal with great skills. Doug's dad Bob was Deon's AAU coach so Doug has intimate knowledge of Deon's recruitment. Zags really wanted him but he chose the Tar Heels. It came down to UNC, UConn, GU and UCLA. Doug is correct in everything he said.
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    UK would've been a terrible system for Deon to play in.

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