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Thread: 2 Tickets Available for WSC Exhibition Game

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    Default 2 Tickets Available for WSC Exhibition Game

    I am unable to make the WSC Exhibition Game, Saturday, November 1. Seats are 4th row at the end of the visitors' bench right at the curve so you don't even have to turn your head to watch the game. If you're interested, please respond by PM. First come, first served. No cost whatsoever as long as you're a good ZAG fan.

    Have a ZAG-errific day!

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    Default Tickets have been taken

    The tickets have been taken.

    GO ZAGS!

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    How many does your arena hold? I assume you sell out all of your games.

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    6000. 4500 general admission 1500 for students, faculty and opponents. General admisssion is entirely taken up by season ticket holders, but some of the student and faculty seats have been available during winter break,

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    Should be an intense rocking atmosphere (well maybe not so much for an exhibition game). Will be one of the larger crowds we've ever played in front of.

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